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Hi All,

You may want to try this URL today (26 March 2009).

Also, that has a lot of small, well documented kernels, boot loaders etc.

3 April 09
The latest Cosmos (Milestone 3 ) and Visual Studio C# Express work fine in QEMU. You should all do this and then try and modify the code in program.cs

4 April 09
If you have not already compiled the Cosmos OS Userkit, under QEMU, you must do it now.

If you are having trouble installing the OS on a USB stick 'renew' the references in C# by right clicking and left clicking and removing and adding again!

You should also download the source for the projects at and compile some of these - pacman, guess, rocket etc.

12 April 09

Hi all,

Study the code in Pacman, Guess, Snake and the other projects.

Imagine that you are writing an OS integrated with an application such as Pacman or Sudoku that can be run on a small self-contained device, like a calculator or a Sudoku console like those seen on

Write the code.

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