17 April 09 - Ganeshan
Well done.

Missed you in class on 16 April.

Install to USB and keep adding to and improving the code.

Went to http://www.gocosmos.org/Docs/UserKit/index.EN.aspx, and downloaded the latest version of the kit. I then went to microsoft and downloaded Visual C#. Installed that, and then installed cosmos. Opened visual C# and started a new project, selected cosmos, and pressed F5 to run. Selected QEMU, and seemed to run… and ended up with the message "Congratulations! You just booted C# Code…" etc. I have attached the image of what the result was.


I Shall now try the "Booting from a USB Device" section. Will get back to everyone.

Well done, Justin.

Try modifying the code, now.

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