25 April 09 - Ganeshan

Muller has solved the problem by updating the OS - I think he refers to updating Vista. Thanks Muller.

23 April 09 - Ganeshan

Have you made any progress since last evening? Keep me posted. In the meantime, you can develop the code under C# without Cosmos.

22 April 09 - Ganeshan
What is the error message? It is not clear from the pictures you have posted.

If you can catch me at 4:00 pm today I will walk you thro the steps.

Hi gays I did install C# plus cosmos and manage to change some of the codes and I compile the image in to USB but when I try to boot from USB there is error msg. unfortunately I have to format my pc for some reason and I reinstall my both operating system Vista as well XP then C# plus cosmos mile stone 3, I come with different problem. Here is some print screen if anyone have some idea will be great thanks
The funny thing is when I work with cosmos mile stone 2 it doesn’t give me error it complies well using QEMU but don’t have option for USB.
here is the link


Hi gays the problem is solved simply by updating the operating system so any one have got the same proble you should update your system
milestone 3 works only with latest update

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