14/4/09 - Ganeshan
Imagine you are building a device, like a Sudoku game console with touch screen and see if you can simulate the OS for it. Google Sudoku Console and you will find these for US$5 or so.

Have modified the Cosmos code and built it. Just a simple input string and then output string in a while loop.

13/4/09 - Ganeshan
Well done. I installed it twice, the first time just the Boot and the next time the modified code for my 'robot' and both booted off the USB and my 'robot' is controlled from this system.

I have put the code on BB as well as the slides for this week on BB.

Moved the USB folder to the Cosmos User Kit and managed to install Cosmos M3 onto a USB stick (which I have not tested yet), but when it compiled, no errors were found. Fingers crossed…

Downloaded vcs on vista, installed cosmos M2, had to reinstall into documents as there is a problem with vista read/write in program files folder.
Ran cosmos, compiled fine using QEMU. Tried to follow steps to install on USB, downloaded SYSLINUX, formatted USB with SYSLINUX, build cosmos using PXE gave an error.

Downloaded cosmos m3, built fine using QEMU, tried to build for USB, but gave an error.

Installed vcs and cosmos m3 on xp to test, same error as on vista.

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