Thursday 9th April 09
Arranged an appt with ganeshan where I saw the cosmos running in C#. I'd realised at home, my menu was missing, so I changed it and saw the cs.program menu screen. I'd modified the o/s to my name and ran the guess script. Next, I will install the latest kernel and read off the script, as demonstrated in class. Making steadily progress.

Thursday 2nd April 09
Ran cosmos & c# together at home computer. However, when I tried to open new project, and selected kernel 1, or kernel2 and kernel 3 individually. No files open. Any suggestions?
Cosmos Running USB stick, C# on home computer. No class tonight

Monday 30th march 09
10am - 1pm : Looked into C# file and needed to update from Microsoft site. Restarted computer. Ran the vcssetup.exe file and had download from internet sp1 and Microsoft visual studio. Files completed.
Startup, programs, C#.
Then followed instructions for downloading cosmos. Made sure, C# running cosmos installed fully on usb stick.
This afternoon, I'd looked at tutorials about C#. This week will look at kernel homework.

Thursday 11pm - 2am
Downloaded C# without success
Therefore cannot download cosmos as C# was missing
Sent an email to Ganeshan who replied Friday morning.

Thursday 26th march in class we had objectives to:
1) join ganeshan11 class and write a page
2) Look at C# and alter to read name at this stage
3) Download C# free edition : Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Edition
4) Download Cosmos from website

See Justin's page - I had the same results as Justin.

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