17 April 09 - Ganeshan
Well done.

Install to USB and keep adding to and improving the code.

Remember the demos in class.


1. I went to the Microsoft website to download Microsoft Visual Studio C Sharp

2. then I went to the to get the Cosmos user kit. Then i was refered to the On that said they said the said user kit is dated so again i was reffered to go to the to get the Cosmos dev kit.

3. I followed all the instructions after i installed the Cosmos. I installed it on my C Driver.

4. Then i had to create a template on the Microsoft Visual Studio C Sharp. Then I went to the File, New project and i saw the Cosmos below the templates. Then i opened it. I pressed F5 to boot the Cosmos Project from QEMU. I used QEMU to build. So i started it to build, but during the process I got an error saying that Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\Cosmos User Kit\Tools\asm\' is denied.

So i couldnt finish the process and stopped there.

See Justin's page. I had the same results as Justin.

Edit: Ok. i successfuly built the kernel using QEMU. But when i wanted to build the USB it gave me an error.

anyone has successfuly created Cosmos using USB???

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